Alec Baldwin – Actor, podcaster, presidential impostor

Bob  Garfield’s real name is Steve Regabuto. But he thought a Jewish name  would help him go further in broadcasting. So his heroes, Bobby “The  Hebrew Hammer” Halpern and actor John Garfield, combined to create The  Ruggedly Jewish iconography. 

Harry Shearer– Actor, producer, voice of many Simpsons

Bob Garfield was a lone sane voice in the crazy ad world before he became a mordant analyst of the equally crazy media world.   A very smart cookie indeed, who likes to hang around crazy people.   

Tim Blake Nelson – Actor, director

Bob Garfield has proven himself indispensable in the American discourse.  His understanding of American media, and the manner in which he shares his insights, could constitute  a field of study unto itself.  He simply makes us all smarter.  We are all the better for him.  

Mike Pesca – Host of Slate's "The Gist"

Bob Garfield is proof that cynics are actually idealists saddled by tons of information.  He's been diagnosing the ills of the media since it was just medium.   

Misha Collins– Actor, star of "Supernatural"

Bob Garfield has been my guiding light for 20 years.  He's my idol.